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Justnaturalblackhair is Just Nutritive
Just Nutritive is made in USA

Made in the USA with the best ingredients from around the world.

Leave-In Conditioner - Wigs & Extensions


Leave-In Conditioner - Wigs & Extensions


Product Description

Miracle Deep Leave-In Conditioner – Made with the Good Stuff for You and Your Hair

Many conditioners out there are made with chemicals that have unpronounceable names and may end up sitting on your hair and scalp as build up that gradually with time may cause scalp and or hair problems.

These are just a few of the ingredients that can be found in many of today’s popular conditioners - Amodimethicone, Serine, Arachidic Acid, Trideceth-6, Pyridoxine Hcl, Chlorhexidine Dihydrochloride, CI 191140/Yellow, PPG- 2 Methyl Ether, and PEG-8.

Some ingredients may be absorbed and penetrate into your hair and scalp. But is that something that you really want?

Imagine instead using this creamy leave-in conditioner made from wholesomeness goodies, that transforms and leaves hair looking strong and smooth, with a luscious, healthy sheen. With your first use, you will see and feel a noticeable improvement.

Exclusive leave in formula designed to add manageability for detangling, smoothing, eliminating frizz, restoring shine, and enhancing natural looking body.

Crafted with the best ingredients from around the world. This is a hair nutritive leave-in conditioner made with ingredients that love your hair and scalp. Natural goodies like Babassu, Meadowfoam, Rose Hip, essentials, plus extracts to deliver beneficial vitamins, minerals and proteins for lasting, beautiful, and naturally healthy-looking hair.

Great for all hair types to bring out natural luster, shine and softness with every use.

Adele says-

I love this leave in! It detangles, smooths and leaves your hair smelling great! It definitely detangles as I was able to run the comb through my hair pretty easily. As I blow dried my hair, I could right away see and feel that it was soft, light and had more flexibility. The scent is really nice and pleasant. The ingredients make all the difference for me. Trying to clean up my routine by using less junky products some of my previous products gave me dandruff. So I am happy to be using this.



Perfect for all hair types and can be used by both men and women.

Good for curly, dry, frizzy and/or chemical-treated hair that needs to be brought back to vibrancy.

Provides dry, damaged hair with moisture, shine, manageability, and smoothness. It also helps detangle, strengthen and prevent split ends.

This nutritive leave in conditioner will leave hair with restored shine, strength and frizz-free smoothness.

Tammie says-

I’ve never found a leave in conditioner that work so well. My hair has some damage after years of coloring and using heat on it daily. My hair looks so much healthier and feels so soft. I won't go anywhere without it. My hair is moist, frizz free, sleek, and manageable. I LOVE the richness of the leave in conditioner. Never looked so good!

Rachel says-

It gives your hair and curlies more life. I do not use any other conditioner anymore because this is all I need. Where has just nutritive been all my life? I have literally been looking for a leave in conditioner like this my whole life. It smells delicious and works the first time every time. Perfect hair time after time!



This does exactly what it promises to do.  I have very thick, coarse curly nutritive black hair; I need use extensions because my hair never grows. The extensions always became dry, thick and shredded.  After the first time I used this nutritive leave-in conditioner, I noticed such a huge difference in my hair's extensions and I LOVE it.  This product makes my hair and extensions so soft, shiny, and GREAT!. I also use the tea hair rinse and the nutritive gel. Highly recommend, especially for those who have hair like mine.  Kayla S  Ypsilanti MI

I have been wearing weave for years and have tried many products never ever one that works this great!!! It leaves your hair light and beautiful. This products works great on my nutritive hair as well as my wigs, it adds shine to human and synthetic hair. Another plus, it revives wave and curl to previously premed or curled hair. Love it!!  Gatyna A.   Dublin NH

I friend talk to me about this product, she was using the leave-in conditioner for couples of years.  I give a try and found that is the best conditioner for my nutritive extensions. This product is great and keeps my hair extensions in excellent condition.  . I also have found out that since using this product, the life of my extensions is longer. I no longer need to replace them as often. This stuff works really well. It gets out the tangles but doesn't leave the hair slimy. It smells nice too! Rianna B  Ellington CT

 I am so glad I found this product. Makes my hair & wig really soft and silk to the touch. It prevents my wigs from getting tangled. This will be my second jar and I feel addictive to the results. When my wig got frizzy, I used a small amount of the leave-in conditioner with half cup of water, then I use a flat iron and the frizz was pretty much gone, and my wig is extra soft.  Love this product. Give it 5 stars!!  Dida C   Boise ID

 I am writing about your leave-in conditioner. This is one is the best things that's ever happened to me. I have not words to describe how happy I am with the results….I started using the conditioner for my hair extensions, but in a testimony a person suggest extending the product to the hair and scalp.  I did that and now my own hair star to grow and looks better than ever ….now I am using the grow new hair treatment, the grow new hair shampoo and the daily detangler, my hair looks moisturized, shine and healthy, no more hair extensions….my family and friends are very happy with the results....thanks for make so wonderful products!!  Melody A   Lincolnwood IL

 You just towel off your wig, run it through with your fingers, and leave it in and your wig feels clean No added fragrance, totally gentle, completely Nutritive. . It does not give me a sticky build-up residue like so many others conditioners I have used. Smells nice and keeps my wigs conditioned. Never imagine that a nutritive product works so much better… had great results from the very first use.  Gaisha M  Canton GA 

 This is one of the best leave in conditioners I've tried. I recommend using right after shampooing and then every other day as needed. I absolutely love how this makes my hair and extensions easy to detangle and comb after I shower. It doesn't leave the hair brittle or sticky. Very little product is needed and the curls on my extensions keep a soft nutritive form. Condition well and at least 4 days straight…People have noticed and complimented me on my pretty hair!  Diellen M  Tualatin OR

 Hi I recently purchased the leave conditioner as well as the African American Nutritive shampoo. Let me start by saying WOW thank you!!! I never could of guessed that the products would actually work. They both truly exceeded my expectations. My biracial hair that has had heat and chemical damage is restored I feel. My scalp and roots looks so much more healthy. And the leave in made my hair like it did when I was a young child. It left my hair sooo smooth, manageable, so so soft. And my hair had moisture. However it didn't make my hair feel heavy and clogged like traditional conditioners I use to use. Huge plus. My hair glided in my hands while still damp and my ends have never felt better. I did still have frizz and a small middle section of my hair brittle feeling as always but other than that I am truly happy I found these products. Your company is what a true brand is! :) I actually look forward to trying other products, I never really felt that way about a hair company. Tamara E Conway AR 

This is the best nutritive leave in conditioner! This jar lasted me months! It helps detangle and tame my thick curly hair! My hair is so smooth and silky when I go to the salon to straighten it. My stylist asked if I have been using a keratin treatment. I didn’t think he believed me when I said no, just nutritive and botanical hair care products, lol. The scent is very light so I add grapefruit oil. Thanks! Natasha S Bristol TN 

I really appreciate the results from using the leave in conditioner.  It has enhanced the beauty of my nutritive hair and I’m going to reorder soon.  The fragrance is very mild and I just love it.  If there was a rating system of 1-10, I would definitely rate it as a 10. Julie A   Santee CA

I just wanted to let you know that I like your products. I bought the shampoo that removes build up and the leave in conditioner. I love your product. I will definitely buy more of your products. I love that there is no harsh chemicals and radicals in your products. Thanks. Kimball W Glendale CA 

I LOVE JUST NATURAL! I stumbled upon your website about 2 years ago and I immediately began to see improvements in my hair; from shine, growth, strength and I was only using the JN Vinegar Rinse Cleanser and Leave-In Conditioner! I am 22 years old, have been nutritive my entire life, and have yet to find any other product that yields the same results as Just Natural Products. I’m placing my order for more Vinegar Rinse TODAY, along with your oil treatment for damaged hair! JUST Nutritive, all the way, from here on out for this girl! Be Blessed. Naretha H Camden AL


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