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Justnaturalblackhair is Just Nutritive
Just Nutritive is made in USA

Made in the USA with the best ingredients from around the world.

Vinegar Nutritive Rinse Cleanser


Vinegar Nutritive Rinse Cleanser


Product Description

Why Vinegar Has Been Used for Centuries for Hair and Scalp Care

If your hair has lost the volume, shine or radiance it once had or even if you are experiencing an increase in loss, this Vinegar Nutritive Rinse Cleanser is for you.

Your hair follicles may have become clogged from years of chemical build up, heat styling, or even from what’s in the air. This cleanser helps to restart and re-balance your hair and scalp by gently cleansing to remove built up residue, dirt or other debris.

The natural acids and enzymes that apple cider vinegar contains may also fend off bacteria and fungus leaving your scalp refreshed like never before and your hair with more sheen and a voluminous appearance.

Healthier looking hair begins with a healthier scalp.

Made with more than 25 scalp and hair loving ingredients like Andiroba, Comfrey, Sea Buckthorn – called the super fruit, and much more including Panthenol Vitamin B5.

If you are experiencing hair fall or any scalp issues you owe it to yourself to consider this vinegar rinse.

Jackie B says-

First it is not just apple cider vinegar and Second it’s great for your scalp, hair and hair loss!

We all know about the benefits of apple cider vinegar, but this product is loaded with tons of other herbal extracts, essentials and stuff for hair loss and the scalp. Yes, it does smell like vinegar but the other ingredients are very present too, so that the vinegar is not that strong of a scent.

It’s not like pure vinegar. This is not too liquidly either. Anyways back to the reason why I bought this. Over the years I have had thinning and some hair loss for any one of many reasons. But I thought product was something easy that I could incorporate into my hair care routine. I have been using it for about 3 months now and can say that my hair has never looked so good but most importantly my hair seems to be sprouting new shoots of growth. Yea! For those who want to see some hair back on their head, this will help, the process may be slow but it works for me and it is not as thick as I like wanted but it is wonderful to see any new growth!!!! Thank you Just Nutritive for such a wonderful product.


Hair loss is still largely misunderstood. Some believe that an excess buildup of a hormone called DHT (Dihydrotestosterone) that both men and women have may be a factor that can cause the loss of hair and that DHT can build up around hair follicles.

Apple Cider Vinegar contains alpha hydroxy acids, is loaded with vitamins and minerals, and may help scalp pH levels.

Vinegar is naturally anti-bacterial and anti-fungal.

Anti-fade, color safe formula. Chloride-free and sulfate-free.

Ash says-

I seriously count down the days until I can use this product again. (Directions on the bottle recommends to use every 15 days). One word to describe it would "refreshing". After using it I apply the protein treatment to my hair (Every 15 days as well). I wish I could use this product everytime I wash my hair. It gives my thin hair volume and makes it look so healthy. Will be buying again and again!

Cynthia says-

This rinse leaves your hair and scalp feeling VERY clean and my hair so shiny. My scalp is usually itchy and gets oily within a day or so, with this it leaves my scalp refreshingly clean and No itch! I use this first and lather it up good and leave in for few minutes, rinse then follow with hair loss shampoo, leave in few minutes, rinse. This is now part of my regular routine and I can’t be without.



I have tried many natural shampoos. Probably every line that Whole Food’s and the two natural stores where I live carry. I found this one after I lost about 75 percent of my hair after the birth of my first child. I use the hairloss shampoo and the vinegar rinse for hair loss. I have almost all my hair back! This is an amazing product.



The hair loss products are wonderful!! My husband found this product on the internet and I was very skeptical. I can’t believe the difference in my hair. My hair stylist can’t believe the change. My hair is thicker because I am keeping it. Just place an order for more of the hair loss shampoo, conditioner and Vinegar Nutritive Rinse. LOVE these products. Thank you so much.

Traci Y Broadwater NE 


My daughter introduced me to one of your products, the vinegar rinse. Wow! My scalp came alive. I have the beginnings of a serious alopecia problem developing, and was hoping to stave it off with continued use of your products. Most appreciated.

Sharon H Reno NV 


I just bought and received the Nutritive Vinegar Rinse and Hot Oil Treatment. Oh my gosh, I LOOOVE your products!! NO OTHER product has EVER worked wonders like this on my thinning hair as yours have, and it even feels much stronger and healthier already. I just love it so much. I couldn't stop gushing about your products to everyone after I've seen just how amazing they are. I also love the fact that all your products are natural, and most importantly, cruelty free. You guys are amazing. Please keep making more, I'll recommend tons of customers to you. I already have two pages on my blog dedicated to your products and my reviews on them. YOUR PRODUCTS WORK! I'm so happy I found you guys.

Shannon S. San Diego CA 


Hello, I just want to write and express how pleased I am with your line of products. I am a black male in my early 30's whose been experiencing thinning hair for the last few years and I must admit, it was very frustrating and stressful for me. I have used numerous products to which have all delivered no results to my satisfaction until I came across your website recently. I now use your Hair Loss Shampoo and Conditioner along with the Vinegar Nutritive Rinse Cleaner and the Protein & Vitamin Treatment and I must say I am blown away at the results I have seen in such a short period of time. My hair has definitely been rejuvenated with the wonders of these fine products. My hair has gotten thicker and longer as it once did years ago and all the thanks goes to you guys (and gals). So far, I have recommended your line to many people and I can only hope that you NEVER EVER stop making quality products because I am proud to say that I am now a believer and a customer for life!! Thank you so much and God Bless.

Raymond J Trenton NJ 


I used the vinegar rinse for the first time and just one time so far. What an amazing product, my hair is so clean, shiny, bouncy, soft, full and has tons of volume. Great product for thinning hair/hair that gets weighed done easily. The next morning my hair was still in amazing shape. Thank you for making this amazing product!!

Mary P Roseburg OR 


I purchased the grow new hair shampoo and the vinegar rinse. Wow this really does what it says it’s going to do. My hair feels so much healthier. The products here have been made just right and work well together. Thank you everyone foe all your hard work making these products what a blessing to those who find these products.

Frank C Fort Collins CO 

By using your products, I’ve fixed my years long scalp inflammation, and the resulting hair loss. I had seen numerous dermatologist which produced frustration waste of time and money! Thank you, Thank you. I have used Scalp Fungus Treatment, Vinegar Nutritive Rinse, Hair Loss Shampoo & Natural Scalp Message. My scalp is breathing after years of problem. Your skin care products are simply miraculous. Thank God that I accidentally came across your products on line. Francina S Belspring VA 

Hey guys! I just wanted to tell you how great your products are! I do a lot of research for organic skin and hair care online and also have tried literaly everything that exists on the market today. You rock! The shampoos I tried were outstanding. I have the anti dandruff shampoo, anti itch shampoo, and vinegar rinse. Also I got adult acne soap and facial acne scrub. Your ingridients have me at a simple AHHHHHHHHHHH! Unbelievable!!!! I have been using organic products for the past 5 years! And I know good when I try it! You guys are the best so far! Please don’t ever change your products! Can’t wait to order more!!! Paula M Harleysville PA 

 I ordered your anti-aging facial lotion, and I absolutely love it. I had used philosophy for a long time, and they have wonderful products, but your moisturizer is even better, I think. It just melts away into my skin. I have your hair pomade that I love, your shampoo and conditioner, vinegar cleansers, bald spot treatments, and your special formula for hair loss. My hair has never looked so good. I think the bald spot that I had on the top of my head is filling in, which I am truly grateful. I guess miracles still do happen, and I call all of your products a miracle in a bottle. I am anxious to try your anti aging cream. I am seventy yrs of age and have always taken good care of my skin, and if your anti-aging natural facial lotion, is so good, I just can’t wait to try the cream. Thanks for making such wonderful natural products! Sandra N Saint Louis MO 


Hi,  Just wanted to thank you for getting your product to me quickly.  After 11 years of having my hair slowly fall out, I thought it was maybe due to my crappy water that doesn't rinse well.   After using your product with the Apple cider Vinegar in it, I had my hair be literally squeaky clean.  I had forgotten what that was like. Albert E    Jamestown  NY

 I purchased the hair loss shampoo and conditioner and LOVE it! I also ordered the apple cider vinegar rinse and the grow new hair treatment. LOVE these products! Thank you so much for such wonderful, natural products!!! Tina J Fincastle VA 

I ran across this web site by accident. Boy I’m I happy I did. Ladies you will not regret any of the products. I’m transitioning to natural and I do flat iron. I have thinning hair so I used the Thinning hair and conditioner. I also use the bald spot cream, loss thin hair serum and for using my flat iron days I use the heat styling natural cream and ladies don’t forget your vinegar nutritive rinse. Choose whats good for your hair, you will never look back.

Heather B    Washington DC

I LOVE IT! I stumbled upon your website about 2 years ago and I immediately began to see improvements in my hair; from shine, growth, strength and I was only using the JN Vinegar Rinse Cleanser and Leave-In Conditioner! I am 22 years old, have been natural my entire life, and have yet to find any other product that yields the same results as Just Natural Products. I’m placing my order for more Vinegar Rinse TODAY, along with your oil treatment for damaged hair! JUST NATURAL, all the way, from here on out for this girl! Be Blessed. Naretha H Camden AL

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