African American Hair Conditioner - Knots & Tangles

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For all the nutritive hair beauties! We understand how important it is for your hair to have lots of moisture.. Our hair conditioner is an intense lasting replenishing conditioner that aids your hair at keeping its smoothness and hydration. It contains the perfect blend of nourishing hard working ingredients to pamper and give you hair the ultimate moisturizing treatment.  Keep your tresses smooth and with no dry ends. Plus improve manageability and ease detangling. 



This conditioner made my hair feel amazing the moment I put it on. Especially on my scalp. I used it after my ACV rinse and it left my hair feeling great. I'm so happy to have finally come across, an actual, ALL nutritive product. All of the ingredient's you can pronounce, understand, and actually find your self. Like I already have Rose Hip, Jojoba Oil, Vitamin E, and few others. But the way they've incorporated everything, works beautifully! I cant wait to try the Shampoo with it!

Nakeá H   La Verne CA


I used this Conditioner in conjunction with the "African American Shampoo". The shampoo left my hair feeling great and did not strip or tangle my hair like others. After using this conditioner with it, it felt amazing! The conditioner left my hair so soft, silky, smooth, and moisturized, without the heaviness or buildup. It was also very easy to untangle my hair after I applied it and before rinsing out compared to others. I didn't have to use as much product like I did with other brands. It left my hair feeling refreshed and rinsed out well. As mentioned in the video review, the conditioner didn't sit on top of my hair but moisturized my hair from the inside out. I've tried other nutritive conditioners that were good, but only while my hair was wet with the conditioner on it still. They wouldn't lock in that moisture. But with this product, even after rinsing out my hair still felt hydrated and not stringy like with others. My hair was left very soft after it dried. Plus it's completely Nutritive. Loved using it with the Nutritive herbal gel, gave my curls so much definition without the sticky stiffness and weightless.

Chelsea O.   Beeville TX


My hair loves these products. I just washed my hair today and used the African Nutritive Conditioner. One word: Amazing. My AA hair is shoulder length, curly/wavy and I cannot remember a product that made my nutritive hair feel so soft and manageable and made the nutritive waves fluffy and silky. My hair looks so good it looks fake, like a wavy weave. I lathered my hair with the African Nutritive Shampoo, 2 washes and there never was the stripped, squeaky sensation upon rinsing. I combed the conditioner through my hair and added a little oil to the ends, I let it sit for few minutes then rinsed. I let my hair air dry with a headband- to perfect results.

Lisa T  Tacoma WA


I've been using this product for a while now and I can absolutely say that I will never buy another conditioner anywhere else. Yeah it might be a little pricey but for me a bottle lasts about a year and a few months. I have 4b/4c and this makes my hair feel amazingly soft.

Alexis N   Cedar Falls IA


Greetings to you JN, I have two products from your company. The Botanical Hair Care Conditioner for African American Nutritive Hair and Dry Hair Shea Butter. First, the fragrance of these two products is real. No harsh chemical smell. The texture of these two is nice, smooth and just scrumptuous. I used them the first week I bought them and I was impressed. My hair is thin, and aged which means it is in need constantly of moisture. Your products have helped in this area. I feel guilty when I don’t use them regularly. My hair lets me know that I need to replenish with Just Nutritive and get the feel of richness and beauty that comes with every use of these two products. I wonder what would happen if I use another? Hmm. Lovin it.

One more item. You are doing a fantastic job in keeping it in America. May Allah the Most High continue to bless you in your goals.  That’s All Folks.

Aurla E     Beaumont CA  


I recently purchased the shampoo and conditioner for nutritive hair and I am amazed at good my hair looks. I have spent a lot of money on various shampoos and conditioners and these products by far and the best I have tried. The Anti-Humidity Pomade defined my curls and my two-strand twists look awesome. With the humidity here in Texas m hair would look like an afro but not anymore. I’m glad I found your products. I used the dry scalp shampoo and the conditioner and dry scalp shea butter on my daughter’s hair and it looks good too. Lots of shine and is very soft.

Cheryl S   Edinburg TX