Even Skin Tone Treatment

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Diminish Dark Spots and Discoloration with Spot Fading

Do you have dark spots, spots from acne or sun damage, hyperpigmentation, or uneven facial skin?

Or stretch marks, cellulite, skin discoloration and unevenness that you want diminished?

Whatever the reason may be, an uneven skin tone and you're looking to lighten, or your complexion needs an even-toned overhaul, this can help bring your skin back into balance and create a more radiant, healthy youthful look.

Our treatment works by fading the look of dark spots, age spots, sun spots and discoloration all over the body and face, especially on problem areas such as knees, elbows, and feet.

You won’t find unpronounceable ingredient or chemical names in this treatment, assuring you of only the most potent nutritive formula to improve the condition of your skin, leaving you with a brighter, more even skin tone.

Vitamin rich natural goodness from Kukui, Hazelnut, Apricot and more will help replenish your skin for a more vibrant, healthy and even appearance.

Fades spots, renews, evens skin tone, and hydrates for skin that is healthy-looking and beautiful.

No Mineral Oil, No Petrolatum, No Silicone, No Water, No Alcohol, No Fillers, No Parabens.

Rachel says-

I have been using it for almost one month. I'm 41 years old and have a few of sunspots and some acne scars that have become darker over the years. I have tried at least a dozen various products to eliminate these spots and have not had results with them like I've had with this even skin tone treatment. I use it at night and have noticed some disappear or become lighter. Even with foundation a big spot on my forehead was noticeable before I started using this. My skin now looks great, smooth and creamy. Love it! Definitely try this!



Now it's quick and easy to get a youthful-looking, more even-toned complexion!

Hydrates to fight the appearance of dark spots, acne spots, fine lines and wrinkles to leave you with more healthy-looking, even skin tone.

Our concentrated formula is packed with antioxidants and powerful age fighting nutritive ingredients.

Made in the USA with the best ingredients from around the world.

Dottie says-

This thing is so good! It completely does what it claims. I used it for a few weeks every night on those spots where I had off colored skin due to pimples and it totally worked. Love the feel and no reactions on my very sensitive skin. I get lots of compliments on my skin and I just turned 54. Lasts a really long time. It's a keeper.

Tina says-

Excellent product. Goes on smooth absorbs quickly and is already lightening the dark spots after only 3 weeks. It really makes my skin bright and smooth. One of the best products for damaged skin. I receive many compliments about how much younger I appear. I love the way it makes my skin look.

Joan says-

Works great. After a few weeks of consistent use, I've noticed a smoothing out of a dark spot that I had. This leaves my skin looking a lot more youthful and luminous. At first when I applied it, I feared that it may be too oily. After a few seconds however, the oil disappears, and my skin is nourished and protected! I can really tell the difference in my skin and so does everyone else. Highly recommend.