Dry Scalp Treatment

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The best way to keep your hair healthy is to keep your scalp healthy.

A dry scalp should be taken care for a healthy hair growth and to prevent those annoying flakes and itchiness. Our Dry Scalp Treatment takes care of all those. It soothes to stop the irritation in your scalp while moisturizing away the flakes.

Plus it hydrates your hair, providing shine and protection. Don’t let a dry scalp get in the way of beautiful hair.



I've struggled with a dry scalp my entire life. I've tried everything including prescription shampoos. I just decided to try it so I could put it on the list of things that didn't help my dry scalp. But, I was so wrong this is AMAZING!! Not only is my dry scalp gone but my hair looks better. Try this dry scalp product; you will not regret it. Wendy S. Tillamook, OR 

This nutritive product for dry scalps is fabulous. I am so pleased with how effective it is. My scalp is tight and a little itchy scalp too, which has been soothed by this product. It smells great, as well. Leaves my hair looking great, too! Apply sparingly a little will go a long way. Kristin J. Alexandria, MN