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Justnaturalblackhair is Just Nutritive
Just Nutritive is made in USA

Made in the USA with the best ingredients from around the world.

Dandruff Clear Scalp Shampoo / Dandruff Shampoo


Dandruff Clear Scalp Shampoo / Dandruff Shampoo


Product Description

Bye Bye Dandruff Flakes- Hello Clean Flake Free Looking Hair.

If you think that the ingredients in many dandruff shampoos might do more harm than good, then you are not alone.

Ketoconazole, Tar, Sulfur, Fragrance, or Sodium Chloride which is salt are some ingredients in dandruff shampoos. If you have scalp issues, adding salt or fragrance may cause irritation not to mention the other ingredients. This in turn may increase your dandruff or scalp problems.

Try something new that might save your scalp.

Our Clear Scalp Shampoo is not a cure for dandruff. Instead it focuses on the overall environment of your scalp and hair. By not using harsh chemicals, your scalp may begin to restore itself.

This nutritive formula gently and safely cleanses your hair all the way down to your follicles, leaving hair healthy, revitalized and flake-free.

Exclusive to our shampoo formula, ingredients like Andiroba, Karanja, Manuka and Oregano are naturally anti-bacterial and antimicrobial have been added to enhance while cleansing.

Gentle enough for daily use.

Leanne says-

I tried all of the others and was tired of putting one chemical treatment after another on my scalp to try to get rid of my dandruff. I have really thick hair and I've used so many products. This is the ONLY dandruff shampoo that worked for me. Not only has it been great for my dandruff but my hair feels and looks healthier. I kid you not when I say people ask me what shampoo and conditioner I use after I started using this. Living flake free for the first time and get say thank you enough.



Discover healthier looking shinier and more manageable hair with no flakes.

Authentic nutritive ingredients that nourish your hair and scalp.

This shampoo is gentle for all hair types and safe for daily use.

Removes dead skin, loose flakes and clears hair and scalp for a clean, fresh appearance.

Licorice Root extract calms dry, irritated scalps.

Color Safe.

Made in the USA with the best ingredients from around the world.

Val says-

This works great for bad dandruff with scalp or hair smell. I was looking for a more natural choice to the chemical loaded products out there. I found this shampoo and decided that the ingredients might help to get my scalp back to normal. Within 2 weeks or so, my dandruff flakes were gone! This leaves my scalp and hair smelling better that ever and does not dry out my hair. I use it once a week or twice if a sweat a lot. Highly recommend, it’s a keeper.

Randy says-

I very impressed as I've had scalp issues all my life. I wanted a sulfate free shampoo and this one works for me. I have itchy, flaky scalp and I hate to admit that stinks sometimes. Within 2 weeks of using this every other day my scalp improved almost completely. No more stink or flakes. It is very soothing and healing for my scalp. I have not felt this good in years! Thank you.



Around 1997 I started to use more nutritive shampoos, but had yet to find one that helped control my dandruff. The last year and a half I was using Wen cleansing conditioner, but it was not performing like it did in the beginning. During a search online I ran across Just Nutritive and decided to give the Dandruff Shampoo and Conditioner a try after reading the testimonials. I was amazed that after only one washing my dandruff was gone. No more flakes falling like snow when I muss up my hair.

Jason C Granada Hills CA 


Just wanted to say thank you so much for giving my confidence back! The vinegar rinse & dandruff shampoo helped so much so quickly. The dry scalp spray made my hair a little oily where I sprayed it but works great too! I feel so much better and can rest assure knowing that I'm using nutritive products and nothing harsh. Will definitely be ordering from you again!

Terry M Orlando FL 

Hey guys! I just wanted to tell you how great your products are! I do a lot of research for botanical skin and hair care online and also have tried literaly everything that exists on the market today. You rock! The shampoos I tried were outstanding. I have the anti dandruff shampoo, anti itch shampoo, and vinegar rinse. Also I got adult acne soap and facial acne scrub. Your ingridients have me at a simple AHHHHHHHHHHH! Unbelievable!!!! I have been using botanical products for the past 5 years! And I know good when I try it! You guys are the best so far! Please don’t ever change your products! Can’t wait to order more!!! Paula M Harleysville PA 

I have seborrhic dermatitis and have been suffering with this condition ever since I gave birth to my daughter. I read the testimonials about it and thought that this couldn’t be true. I was losing my hair at the age 26 and the t gel was causing my hair to itch even more. I still had the flakes, the red scalp, major hair loss, and pimples forming on my scalp. After just using this product for 3 weeks, my hair has definitely began growing back, the flaking has not even appeared, and the ultimate itching has stopped. After using this on my hair, I had to order the products for my face. It is pricey but it was worth saving my hair! Thanks Just Nutritive, because of your diligence in finding nutritive plants around the world to help sensitive scalps like mine, it has truly helped save my hair and thank you so much! Kim B New Albany MS

Thank you for your amazing products! For more than 20 years, I have had dry patches on my scalp that would show up every so often. For the most part, I used a prescription cream for a few days and it was gone. For the past 6 months, nothing I used helped. My dandruff shampoos seemed to make things worse. It got to the point where some of the areas actually hurt and I’d also had been scratching throughout the day. I couldn’t take it anymore. I searched for nutritive solutions and found your products online. I ordered shampoo, conditioner and the dandruff relief treatment and couldn’t wait for them to arrive. I used them the same night of arrival and IMMEDIATELY felt a difference! That night and the next day, my scalped barely itched, I rarely had thought about my scalp and even the pain went away I am so grateful to have found you. Thank you. You have a customer for life. Eric W Miami FL 

Thanks for the dandruff shampoo and conditioner. My son had a real problem with getting his dandruff under control. He just started a new job where he wears black shirts - your shampoo and conditioner have resolved the problem dandruff. Within days of using the product - No flakes on the shirts and definitely made him more confident in his appearance. Great product! Amy G Reno NV 

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